About us

From beauty therapist and make up artist to pet store owner!

Founded in 2021, I established this business primarily out of my love for small dogs and fashion.

I am a Dog Mother of beautiful Pomeranians. I absolutely love the toy breed. They are such beautiful dogs with the most loving, caring and loyal nature and personality. Always smiling. 

Prince Teddy is our CEO. He currently has over four thousand followers on his instagram page. He is such a handsome boy. He is a Mummy's boy. 

I have always had a passion for fashion.

After purchasing some great quality items for them and having lots of people asking about their fashion taste and accessories, I decided to open up an online pet boutique, sharing with others what I love and being able to find and purchase it all in one place.

Each item on our website is handpicked and quality checked. 

Please remember dogs are not toys or accessories, dress them accordling and comfortably, we advise you size up on our clothing range to pretend matts in fur and overheating/restriction. 

All products and items are of great quality and exactly what I would be happy to purchase if it were myself. They are stylish pups like their Mother.

We will only sell you high quality products. 

If there is anything or any brands you would like me to stock that I don't have on my shop website please feel free to contact me.

Our Brand Representatives have 10% off discount codes for customers to use which they proudly share individually on their social media when modelling our items.


Jessika and Her Two Fur Babies.

Bark In Style Boutique Ltd.